Play To Learn

by Citrus Lane

Whether they’re throwing a ball, sorting shapes, stacking toys, or using their imaginations, children learn by playing. That’s a lucky thing, because children love to play! We hope these resources will help you and your child make the most of winter’s indoor playtime.

cl bug 50 Play To LearnMusic Videos For Babies and Kids
Music’s a great way to start over when tempers are flaring or boredom rears its ugly head. These videos are guaranteed to please kids — and parents.

cl bug 50 Play To LearnKids Rock!
More children’s music for happy parents, from sometimes surprising sources.

cl bug 50 Play To LearnOwl Mobile
From our friends at Petite Lemon, an adorable (and easy) printable craft that will add fun to any room!

cl bug 50 Play To LearnPlaying Around
While we’re on the subject of play, here are some interesting takes on playgrounds, from jungle gym art photos to an on-the-go playspace finder!

cl bug 50 Play To LearnInside the Box
Check out the goodies we included in our February ‘Play to Learn’ box!

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