Inside the Box — Fall Fun

by jason

Here’s a peek inside our Fall Fun Boxes!

We chose a selection of these items for you, based on your child’s age and stage:

Munchkin Soft Shaker
We love the fact that this rattle packs so much in a small package. Little hands love its multiple textures, vibrant patterns and bright colors. You’ll love its perfectly pitched (and not too loud) musical tones.

Little Taggies by Taggies
Meet baby’s favorite new blanket. Invented by a mom whose own babies loved to touch and explore tactile fabric loops, this lovey is made of ultra-soft BOA (a corn- derived, hypo-allergenic, biodegradable fabric), and bordered with silky looped tags that will are both soothing and engaging for baby. Simply ingenious!

Oball by Rhino
This is one of those toys that kids of all ages (even us) can play with for hours. These lightweight, bendable balls are a wonder of physics, able to collapse down for storage and spring back to life. And they develop skills from early gripping to throwing and catching. We just love the instant fun that unfurls every time we bring out the Oball.

License to Drool by Bright Starts
You can never have enough keys. We always have them on hand because kiddos love to shake them, they love to hold them, and they really love to chew them. This super- bright, textured set is designed to take them from teething to pretend driving.

Munchkin 7oz Click Lock Trainer Cups
Sippy cups are serious business. A good one can mean the difference between casual dining or major clean up. This one is an absolute gem. It’s simple but secure click-and-lock lids seal with a ‘reassuring’ click and are 100% guaranteed leak proof. And the soft spout eases the transition from bottle to cup. Milk in the car? Why not?

Little Spider from Chronicle Books
It’s a book! It’s a finger puppet! It’s both! This bright, interactive board book is perfect for curling up with on cool fall days. It’s sweet, seasonal and just so much fun to follow Little Spider through her page-turning adventure. Peek-a-boos and giggles await.

In My Den from Chronicle Books
Cozy up and watch the adventure unfold in the story of Little Bear’s search to discover what makes his den so cozy (spoiler alert: it’s his family). The beautiful die-cut pages and adorable finger-puppet will make this a book you and your little ones will turn to again and again and again and again and again and again…

I Can Do It Too! from Chronicle Books
Growing up is fun, and sometimes tough, on parents and kids. I Can Do It Too! is a great way to talk to your child about the excitement, and nervousness, of becoming a big kid, and can help you both with the challenges and happiness that come with their first small steps in learning to do themselves.

The Red One Fruit Smoothie by Ella’s Kitchen
Trust us, baby’s eyes will light up at the sight of The Red One. The fresh, fruity taste will have them grinning from ear to ear. The full serving of organic ‘squished’ fruit in each pouch means you know they’re getting the nutrition they need. Yummy all round!

Big Smiles Cheesy Potatoes by Ella’s Kitchen
Healthy, delicious, cheesy potatoes—who can resist? Not us, and not your little one either. This new recipe in the Ella’s Kitchen line up has us a little jealous of our little one’s mealtime.

BabyGanics Healin’ Groovy
A wonderful, and wonderfully natural must-have balm for every medicine cabinet and diaper bag. We love its dual-duty goodness: use it to help heal the occasional ouchie or dry skin, and apply it every day to protect from diaper rash.

BabyGanics Smooth Moves
We have a little secret to share: We love this lotion so much we can’t help but also smooth a little on our own skin. It’s packed with tons of natural goodness like shea butter, aloe and vitamin E, and without any parabens, sulfates or other ick-inducing ingredients. And did we mention it smells amazing?

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil Mini
A cleansing oil? You have to try it to believe it. This 100% water-soluble formula dissolves dirt, excess oil, mascara, sunscreen, baby food and any other traces from your busy day, all while leaving skin soft, smooth and ready for the elements. Get back that pregnancy glow, without the morning sickness.

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