Inside the Box — Play to Learn

by Citrus Lane

The Play to Learn box was sent to Citrus Lane subscribers in February 2012. This box is no longer available, but check out our current offering!

February Play Box

Our February Featured Brands

Oball with Rainstick Rattle
We’re big fans of toys that grow along with your baby, and the Oball is a great example. When baby’s small, the colorful Oball will serve as an easy-to-grasp rattle for practicing hand-eye coordination. Soothing rainfall sounds will encourage baby to grab it again and again. As she grows, she’ll learn to throw, roll, catch and even kick the ball. And no worries about dropping it on the ground—it’s even dishwasher-safe.

Mommy’s Bliss Gripe Water
This widely used and recommended gripe water is alcohol-free, and contains naturally soothing organic fennel and ginger. Whether it’s the tummy-taming active ingredients or the touch of fructose, scores of moms report that their babies calm down within minutes. It’s not just for newborns, either; one of our mom advisors reports that she uses Mommy’s Bliss to calm her daughter’s teething-related tummy upsets.

“You Are My Little Bird” by Elizabeth Mitchell
This is the first music we’ve ever included in a Citrus Lane box, and we’re so excited to be sharing it with you! Elizabeth Mitchell’s renditions of folk and rock classics are sweet and beautiful, but complex enough for adults to enjoy, too. We think they’re a great way to introduce your little one to folk, blues, and country music. Listen for Mitchell’s five-year-old daughter Storey on background vocals and harmonica.

Petite Lemon Alphabet Print
Petite Lemon is a small company made up of creative moms and dads. We fell in love with their designs—sweet but modern, they’re perfect for any nursery or child’s room! We’ve gotten you started with this fun, frameable alphabet print. Petite Lemon also offers personalized posters, growth charts, and even wall decals.

479° Popcorn Fleur de Sel Caramel
We’ve packed lots of fun items for your little one this month. This treat is just for you! 479º has transformed caramel popcorn into a gourmet snack by sprinkling it with delicate flakes of sea salt. It’s sweet, salty, delicious, and only 100 calories!

Episencial Soothing Cream
In the next few months, your baby’s likely to suffer a variety of mild rashes and skin irritations. Soothe her delicate skin with this gentle cream. We love the organic formulation—it’s fortified with probiotics, cucumber extract and aloe vera to comfort sensitive skin. Organic oils like jojoba relieve itches to make baby comfortable.

Baby Bug February Issue
We can’t recommend Baby Bug too highly! The lovely illustrations will capture your child’s attention, while the compelling songs and rhymes will engage her. Many Citrus Lane babies have grown up along with Kim and Carrots! Baby Bug magazines are sturdy enough to stand up to endless repeat reading. (And, if your child prefers chewing books to reading them, rest assured—it’s printed with non-toxic ink.)

P’Kolino Fishing Hole Size Sorter
This adorable toy offers many lessons for new learners! At first, your child is likely to watch you do the sorting— she’ll enjoy grabbing and gumming the colorful wooden fish. As she gets older, she’ll learn to sort them by size and color, which strengthens spatial learning. Makes a satisfying sound when fish bounce inside!

P’Kolino Mini Puzzle Stacker
Like many P’Kolino toys, this award-winning puzzle stacker offers new challenges as your child grows. First, she’ll practice fine motor skills by placing the rings on the stacker pole. Gradually, she’ll learn to interlock the puzzle pieces. Over time, she’ll use color and size recognition to “solve” the puzzle! Made out of sturdy plywood with non-toxic paint.

Plan Toys Fruit and Vegetable Play set
There are so many lessons to teach with this cute play set! Play fruits and vegetables are a great way to model healthy eating for your child. The included toy knife allows her to practice “cutting” the food just like you! And the fruit sticks right back together with Velcro, so she can start all over again. Plan Toys are sustainably made with reclaimed rubberwood and completely non-toxic.

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