Inside the Box — Little Artist

by Citrus Lane

Citrus Lane’s limited-edition Little Artist box sold out in December 2011. This box is no longer available, but check out our current offering!

Little Artist Box

Our Little Artist box

Children are natural artists! They’re not afraid to use materials in unconventional ways, and they’re certainly not worried about making messes. Making art allows children to explore their five senses, their emotions, and their environment. So the art materials in this box will deepen your child’s understanding of how the world works—while he’s having fun!

Featured Brands

Kushies Splash Mat
There’s no getting around it: art is messy. Luckily, this deceptively cute splash mat holds the line between your child and your floors (or your table). It’s machine- washable, to turn even the most unbelievable mess—or is it a masterpiece?—into a memory. This Kushies mat is BPA-free, and a full 54” wide for maximum coverage.

Matisse Dance With Joy by Susan Goldman Rubin
This parent favorite marries dance-themed poetry to Matisse’s bright cut-paper creations. Your child will be enchanted to find familiar images like animals and shapes, while you’ll enjoy exposing him to beautiful art. Encourage him to move along to verses like “I wave my arms. I stretch. I sway.” Your little artist can dance, too!

Eco Kids Organic Finger Paint and Play Dough
Unleash your child’s imagination with completely nontoxic paint and clay! Colored with natural and organic fruit, plant and vegetable extracts, these handmade materials are perfect for your budding artist. Most are washable, and all are safe. If a little bit ends up in his mouth (always likely) no need to panic. The finger paint mixes up with water, so you can choose the consistency he likes best.

Plan Toys Fish Castanets
When your budding Picasso is ready to move on to music, these adorable castanets will be ready! We love that they’re very responsive. Even small hands can make music with them. Like the best toys, they’re deceptively simple, but will provide years of play. For now, he’s practicing cause-and-effect when the fish make a clicking noise. As he gets older, he’ll learn to keep a steady beat!

For more ideas, visit our Little Artist page, where we’ve gathered all our resources for taking children’s art and music to the next level!

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