Fun In The Sun

by Citrus Lane

Now that April showers are a thing of the past, it’s time to head outside and get some sunshine! The toys and tools in this box are for taking along on outside adventures. We hope you’ll pack your items and find the nearest outdoor fun spot…whether it’s the playground or the beach!

Here are some great resources we’ve gathered for having fun in the sun. We’ll be updating this list over the course of the month, so check back often!

Parents of 6- to 18-month-olds: download your corrected articles here.
Inside the Box

Peek inside this month’s Fun In The Sun boxes. (Warning: spoilers here!)

Safety In The Sun This Summer

From our friends at Consumer Bell: great summer sun safety tips for the whole family.

Out & About

In your baby-free days, you never thought twice about catching a movie with a friend or meeting a big group for dinner. Going to a movie or eating out with your baby in tow may seem a lot more…well…impossible. Don’t give up! With a little planning and the right gear, you and baby will be social scene regulars before you know it.

On The Town

Your little one’s brain is stimulated by new colors, smells, tastes, and sounds—and so is yours! New activities that appeal to you will interest her, too.

Something New

Just getting outside with an active toddler is always a triumph, but it can be tiresome to go to the same places over and over again. These fresh outdoor activities will engage your child—and you.

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