10 Ways to Learn with LEGOs

by Citrus Lane

Who doesn’t love LEGOs? The colorful plastic blocks have captured the fascination of kids for generations all while enhancing their learning and development. The best part about LEGOs? Everything is kept FUN! Here are a few ideas to get your little one started with the playful learning.

1. Use them as props to create stories and during pretend play.

2. Stick words onto them and teach sentence simple sentence structure.

3. LEGOs are perfect for picturing fractions.

4. Use them as subjects for matching animals…

5. …or to match and teach colors!

6. Create a maze and lead a ball to the end.

7. Make habits like washing hands more fun.

8. LEGO towers to teach patterns and sequences.

9. Addition and subtraction.

10. Estimate how many blocks are in a container.

You can even build your own Citrus Lane bud!

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