Fresh Start: 4 No-Guilt Resolutions

by Citrus Lane

The New Year is all about starting fresh, so it’s no surprise many of us are setting our goals for the year. Even if your list of resolutions is already pages long, do give these suggestions a try. They may prove surprisingly easy to keep, and you’ll reap the rewards all year long!

Have more fun.

Fun is certainly easier said than done. When you’ve been up all night with a sick child or colicky baby, you may not feel much like playing, and for good reason! Play often seems like something children do…while adults get work done. But allowing yourself to participate in your little one’s games—whether that means motoring toy trains around, scribbling with crayons, or playing peek-a-boo—enforces a well-deserved break in your day. And your little one will enjoy it, too!

For a head start, we highly recommend Lawrence J. Cohen’s book, Playful Parenting. Cohen recommends play as a way for you and your child to express yourselves and grow even closer.

Eat tasty food.

This is the time of year when we start elaborate diets and grueling exercise regimens. While eating healthfully is a worthy goal, smaller, sustainable changes can add up to a big impact. Even the tiny change to swap out one soda or juice a day for water—or one quick handful of goldfish crackers for a sit-down snack—becomes a big one when you do it every day. Consistency is key.

For healthy recipes the whole family will enjoy, try our Healthy and Tasty! Pinterest board.

Make one “green” change.

To upgrade your whole family’s health, consider making one choice that’s better for the environment…and for you. Try upgrading one of your child’s bath products to a “greener” brand, or finally make the switch to organic apples. You can even commit to something more, like recycling all your junk mail. One green change can make a big difference. Small changes have a habit of turning into bigger ones!

For more help getting started with small, green changes in the New Year, check out our interview with Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff.

Get more sleep. (No, really!)

For those of us with small children, sleep feels like a luxury. You can resolve to get more sleep, but it’s much harder to get a baby on board. The more sleep your child gets, the more you’ll get, so taking small steps to improve your child’s sleep will help you, too. Establishing a simple bedtime routine can help even the most committed little night owl settle down and start snoozing. That means more child-free evening hours…and more shut-eye for you.

A bedtime routine can start with something as simple as a bedtime story. Check out our community’s top-rated bedtime stories and find a new favorite!

Happy New Year from Citrus Lane!

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