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Kids Can Cook!

by Marcella

Pretty much everyone agrees: a great way to get your kids interested in trying new tastes is to involve them in cooking. Even for young children, the thought doesn’t have to be daunting. After all, for toddlers and preschoolers, cooking is just another fun (and messy) craft activity. We’ve found some great resources for getting started — and some fun recipes to try!

Source: via Citrus Lane on Pinterest

  The Kids Cook Monday
A comprehensive resource for getting started with kids in the kitchen, with recipes, videos and much more! We especially love their list of appropriate kitchen tasks for different age groups — really helpful when you’re assigning kitchen jobs. With supervision, even toddlers can help sprinkle salt or tear up lettuce. (via The Kids Cook Monday)


7 Tips for Successful Cooking With Kids

These tips are practical and philosophical: a lot of letting kids in the kitchen is learning to let go of things like expectations and, well, neatness. (via Simple Kids)


Spicy Mexican Black Beans
A simple weeknight meal. Really love Andrea’s tip that sorting and rinsing beans is a great activity for children with sensory processing disorders. (via Andrea’s Recipes)


My Kid Made Us Dinner
A simple three-course dinner that a (super cute) 5-year-old prepared with minimal adult help! (via Cooking With My Kid)


Butterfly Crescent Dogs
So cute — a craft activity kids can eat! (via Hungry Happenings)
(Don’t forget, you can find these and other resources on our Recipes for Picky Kids Pinterest board!)

Photo credit: abbybatchelder on Flickr.

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