We’re making a change!

by Citrus Lane

We’ve always promised to send you products carefully tailored to your child’s age and stage—and we’ve found an exciting new way to do just that!

We want to send you products you and your child can use. While we always customize the box according to your child’s age, we’ll now take seasons into account, too. By focusing on a monthly theme, we can make sure we’re bringing you products your child can play with right out of the box. We’ll also be able to offer you special deals with our brand partners, like the See Kai Run socks and gift code we featured in November’s box. And every month, we’ll feature a special Inside The Box page on our blog, where you can find resources that will help you and your baby explore that month’s theme.

Hey! Where’s my themed box?
If you got an ages-and-stages box this month, it’s your last one! Next month, you’ll be getting a box organized around a theme you and your baby can enjoy—all the way up to 3 years old. The box changes each month based on the season and customer feedback. But it will always be full of surprises!

Hey! Why is my 9-month-old’s box different from my friend’s 10-month-old’s box?
We read product labels and guidelines very carefully! If a toy’s label says it’s for ages 10 months and up, we won’t send it to your 9-month-old. On the other hand, we want you to get the most value out of every item. So if we gauge a 10-month-old’s going to outgrow a toy very soon, we’ll choose a different item for their box. We also change products based on customer feedback.

We’re so glad you’ve chosen to share Citrus Lane with your child. If you have any questions, please contact us at customercare@citruslane.com.

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