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Fresh Squeezed: Art With Kids

by Marcella

Older toddlers and small preschoolers are exciting little artists! Between two and four, children begin to understand that their scribbles can represent real-world objects. Involving them in a variety of art projects will help them make that discovery.

Not very crafty? This tutorial covers a simple craft you can do with young children: yarn block prints. All you really need is yarn (or string, or twine) and paint.

On Love that Max, an art therapist shares great ways to involve special-needs kids in art projects. Most use household materials and art supplies you probably have on hand already.

A new spin on the melting-old-crayons activity: make rainbow crayons! This project produces very chubby crayons that are perfect for chubby hands to hold.

Do you have a cardboard box surplus? Turn a few into a playhouse—and then give your child crayons and paint to decorate it!

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