Welcome to Citrus Lane!

by Mauria

I’m so excited to announce the launch of Citrus Lane!

Citrus Lane was born out of my experience as a new mom.  When I was pregnant, I did a ton of research on the top-rated products, the most helpful books, the best places to go for advice. I thought all that planning meant that I’d be ready. Then one amazing day, my husband and I came home from the hospital with our little one.

I was thrilled…but also overwhelmed.  We had so many questions! I wouldn’t have made it through without the advice and support of the moms around me—from family to friends, neighbors and online communities.  For me, the second and third months were actually the hardest. Once my husband was back at work and all the family and friends had visited, it was easy to feel isolated.

At Citrus Lane, we create beautiful and useful “care packages” for new moms (and dads!).  We want to help new parents benefit from the wisdom of parents who have been there before. With a box for each month of the baby’s life (newborn to 18 months), we put “must have” items in front of new parents right when your baby needs them. Each box also includes quick and useful advice. And frankly, we hope to give you a little smile by having a delightful gift show up at your door not just at the beginning but every month after that. You deserve a little pampering too!

With our blog, we want to create a place where new parents can find “best of” bloggers about parenting issues. Our blog is also a place to ask and answer those important questions that now take up all your waking hours, like when to introduce a bottle and whether that scary-looking diaper is really normal. You can catch us on Facebook and Twitter, too!

Citrus Lane is built on the idea of the collective wisdom of parents like you. We look forward to hearing what you think. Thanks for joining us on this adventure!


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